Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why me???

When I heard that Queen Galacta was visiting and we were to put on a variety show.. I was surprised.. I was half listening to the team meeting, not very Jedi of me.. but my head was already dancing with ideas..

"So who's doing what?" Professor Xavier asked.
You could hear a pin drop the room fell so quiet.
" Anyone got any ideas? " I asked casting a dubious eye from one person to the other.
Kriss looked up from where she seemed to be deep in thought" I could always do something funny.. " she said, still unsure seemingly, talking more to herself than to us..
" Okay look when you've figured out who's doing what, come find me I'll be outside.. I have some planning to do."
" But Godfrey you're part of this team too.. you should be here for this" Xavier protested
" Look with all due respect Professor, I already have my idea in mind.. I just need to fine tune it. And I can't do that in here."
I headed out the door, Nathan I could see was about to protest but Kriss stopped him" just trust him.. whatever he's got going.. it'll be good."
I called my bo staff into my hands with the force as soon as I was out on the lawn. A concentrated look brought the rest of the weapons I had brought with me out into a neat pile under a tree. Spinning the bo in my hands I began running through bits and pieces of different katas, deciding what would work and wouldn't.
Then another idea came to me.
When we were called before the queen to put on our show I could see she wouldn't be and easy woman to entertain.. I just hoped my demonstration would keep her entertained.
I pulled a remote control from my pocket and pressed a button. in walked a sparring droid. A little nifty thing I had found rummaging through the storage closet.. Apparently from what I found out it was one of the scraped droids from last year's competition. I had repaired it and set
it to my powers and strength.
What better opponent than yourself?
We both bowed to the queen" A demonstration of the power and prowess of a Jedi and a DaiShujo warrior. " It might have sounded a little show offy but it was the best I could think of.
The droid and I took our positions , staves in hand and we began to spar. Everything else fell away as I pressed the advantage against the droid who stumbled and I used my staff to snap the one it had in hand.

Sais fired out from it's titanium arms and I rolled my staff behind me, using a force flip to reach the windowsill and snatched up my own sais from the ledge, bringing one up to block while spinning the other in my hand to embed it in the chest plate. The droid ducked away and came up so my arm was pinned between it's two titanium ones. Did I mention it's not a good idea to give a droid weapons? Well I seem to be finding things out the hard way now a days.

Not good.
I spun out on my heel and sent it flying into the wall . I ran after it, tonfa now in my hand where my sai had been. Bashing the droid alongside the head one of the sensors popped out flying to the floor.
Titanium fingers closed on my shoulder and squeezed harshly. My teeth gritted in pain and I brought my fist up into the steel before doing a back handspring away and snatching up my staff.

The droid came running at me, two short swords in hand . Bam one flying out of his hand embedding in the wall . A twist and the other clattered to the floor.
Now for the finisher.
I tripped up the droid with my staff and a slight of hand I learned and a force trick , my staff was resting against the wall and I pulled out my double bladed saber.
Throwing stars shot from the hidden cannons on it's arms and I cut through them swiftly, making sure not to make my strokes too wide otherwise someone might get hurt.
Finally returning to our original positions the droid charged one last time, sort of like old battle holos of Ventress I had seen. I only had to raise my saber straight forward.
The droid stopped, seemingly frozen. Then a loud clatter and the droid fell to the floor, headless.
I straightened and bowed to the Queen once more" Your highness" I shut of my saber and tucked it away before bringing the droid to the box near the door. A force push sent it out of the way and out of sight in the hallway.
Once I had been dismissed I went out into the hall and took a seat. Force be thankful that the droid didn't have a stronger grip otherwise I might have been out of this competition. For now.. I needed an aspirin.. no wait make that 2 of them.
Until Later
(Sidenote.. I'm out of town today and I am busy for the rest of this week.. So the post had to go up tonight. My apologies to my teammates if I jumped ahead too fast)


mueja said...


Ghost of Congressman Nathan Petrelli said...

At least your pain was only physical. I may never recover from the emotional scars caused by my "ACT"

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Nothing like a good old fashioned lightsaber demonstration.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Good job.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Believe me Nathan.. you'll recover.. no one knows you on Hacknor Island and I think the Queen is a lady of class in the respect of it's highly doubtful she'd mention this to anyone..

As for Xavier though, I'm doubtful. highly doubtful..

There's a hoke shop on the way into Hacknor.. I think it's at the main spaceport.. It might give you a few ideas how to get revenge on Xavier without wanting to cause bodily harm.

Jon:*grins* haven't ogtten a good workout like that in a while.. I figured just work with what I've got..

DJK: Thanks,and good luck . I sound like that old movie " Good night and good luck " don't I?*shakes head*

Summer Dawn O'Ciardha said...

Your choice was to entertain the Queen of the Galaxy through fighting. She is the Queen of the Galaxy, the last thing she will want to watch is a fight. She wants peace.

If I was in her position, I probably would have made you into an undead slave.

The two that jumped out at me, (him, "Just) and (Bam! One flew from his hand and embedded itself in the wall.)

Erifia's Author said...

I remember the time I had to fight to entertain someone, It was against this giant yellow chicken, and the fight lasted like, three minutes, and I had to do it three times. I finally pulled out a gun, shot him, and ate him. He tasted great.

Much better post. Easier to read and follow.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Dude, stop with the chicken!


Vegeta said...

Thanks now I'm hungry! grumble

Noah Bennet said...

I have to concur with mueja. Money is a nice thing to have.

Ghost of Congressman Nathan Petrelli said...

Thanks for the tips Godfrey.

Mr. B: lol thanks for the translation. My Asian buddy, who normally translates for me, thinks I'm a villan and isn't speaking to me these days.

Professor Xavier said...

This is a sad week for droids. First Gyrobo gets cut and then you pick a fight with one.

Simon said...

I'm not being rude but what were you thinking? Do you really think the Queen of the entire galaxy is going to be amused by some kid in a robe sparring with an android? Maybe if you were going head to head a Rancor there might have been something to make this worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

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