Monday, May 14, 2007

Alright let's do this!!

So I gotta do an obstacle course eh? There's no way that this can be Half as bad as Robin's Too bad stupid Hudson woke me up ,and made me do this challenge before I got breakfast! What's his problem?

Oh yeah. Bizarro Supergirl, heh. Well any way this was easy. The flame throwers would have been a problem for me a few years back, but not anymore. Oh and Ma Kent sent me this made from blankets left over from Super girl's space ship it's kryptonian and invulnerable sweet!

I mean have you seen what my cousin wears? Not much so there's was plenty of material left for me a costume. OK Enough of that the swinging blades bounced off my head. The quick sand? I can fly no problemo. Then this weird dude pops up.

" Hey boyo! Ya can't get my me Lucky Trinkets! They are mystically tasty!"

I stare at this guy for a second. " Sorry guy ya ain't my type."

" What? I'm talkin' about breakfast cereal ya bleedin' idiot!" The leprechaun sneers.

" Why didn't ya say so?" I yell. " Are you part of the challenge?"

" Sure whatever." He starts dancing around with a box, and gallon of milk. " ya can't get it!"

I fly after him, and the freak disappears he does this several times before I hear a "Kthwang!" I find him trapped in one of those rope traps that grabs your legs and hangs you upside down.

" Hey Boyo can ye help me out here? my power dannae seem to be workin'. "

I smile. " Well now that is a problem isn't it? Just not mine. I'm an idiot remember? me too dumb to help Hyuk! " I poured the milk into the box, and ate it half the time going "Mmmm yum marshmellowy." After I ate it all I went back to the course. Oh yeah? ya know what I found out about him? he wasn't a leprechaun, he was an escaped alien mental patient.

So next was slide O' slime, I don't know what everyone was worried about. It tastes like chocolate cream pie, and there's girls in it!

They wrestled me, and didn't want me to leave. So I had to drag several hotties with me across the finish line. After that We went to the hot tub, and well What happens on Hacknor stays on Hacknor.


batman said...

And you wonder why you embarass Superman

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

So is finding good looking and loose women one of your powers or something? I'm not complaining, the network likes it.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

I think we hit differnt slides...

He got the chocoloate one!


Simon said...

So you like to wear girl's clothes? Why am I not surprised?

Kon-El said...

Batman: he's never stold me I embarass him.

Jon: I nver thought about it could be.

DJK: i'm sorry, I could tell you where the chocolate slide is?

Simon: at least I can sleep with girls without having to pay them.

Nathan Petrelli said...

There were chicks in your slime? You could have left a few for me, or maybe they were there and I was running too fast to notice...

Excuse, me. I have to go somewhere real quick.

Leuba Sapphire said...

So... I see that you find yourself attractive to women, and small mystical creatures from earth... The question is, are you really?

Another good question, did you eat his Lucky Charms or his "Lucky Charms." If you know what I mean.

Good Post.

Catia Ravenstone said...

My point being from the begining, men think with the wrong end of their body 99.99 percent of the time.. the other 1 percent they don't think at all

Simon being a prime example of that tiny 1 percent

Kon-El said...

Leuba: I hope Leprchauns aren't atrracted to me. and The ceral on ly the cereral

Catia : heh.

Henchman432 said...

Hot Tub.

Gyrobo said...

Technically, if he was from the Planet of the Leprechauns, he may have been legit.

Kon-El said...

Henchy : yes,

Gyrobo: i guess.