Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Go Go power Conner!

We get these power morpher things and are told to use the code word to transform. After hearing the other team all yell "spank me!" I'm a little afraid of the code word.

So I followed Henchman and used my regular powers against these monsters. Yeah they all looked like they were made of foam rubber. Foam rubber and Heatvision don't mix.

Others I would would freeze with my new power arctic breathe, and shatter 'em imagining that they are that smirking son of a prince that I know convinced Batgirl to lie about me ,and put up those pictures.

It was a smooth breeze until the most hideous giant monster I've ever seen appeared. Marlyn Manson in a painted polka dot Bikini AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I have to admit I was scared. So I put up the morpher, and read the code word, I dramatically get into position and yell "Put some sugar on me! " Yeah that was embarrassing , as much as spank me ? Not sure.

I then transform into this.

Man The thread on my suit is frayed! At least I hope that's what is , and it's not a Venom Suit, I don't wanna be Dark Superboy or whatever.I call my robot up and somehow I'm not surprised by it's looks.

The robot copied my movements so it was pretty easy to beat on him. The problem was when he started singing "Beautiful People." Then giant army of ugly people like this appear.

The pure ugliness messed up the visual sensors. Then Giant Manson blasted my bot with his man boobies. I've never seen anyone fire a power blast from there before, and never want to again.

I was getting crushed by all these freaks when all of the sudden this noise attracts my attention. What the ? It's Lego Batman from the Amazing Mutant Race 3.

Oddly the thing knocks some of the ugly people away from me, and it looks at the damage of my mech. It falls apart, and blocks start going into the robot wounds. I was expecting' to blow up because the way Bat people have been treating me lately I didn't expect this to be some of of fusion thing.

The extremely bright colors hurt the ugly guys' eyes, forcing them to not look at me. I make short work of them with the combined Martial arts knowledge of Batman and Powers of Supes.

Except for Manson, who started with the boob blasts again. Apparently Lego Batman has the mind of the Batman from weird TV show, because he had man boob blast repellent in his belt, I use that, and the energy deflected at him. As he blows up I do the DX chop at the monster. Yeah that looked weird coming from a half Supes, half Bats bot.

" Stop touching your self and fuse your robot with ours!" Henchman shouts. The Beastie Boys are smacking us around!"

The guy from the other team in the robot that was humping a building taunts. " He can't find it it's too small he's just checking to see if it's still there!" I really shouldn't be takin' this from a guy in a hump bot!

GRRRRRR! That's it! When I get back home Batgirl's boyfriend is going to get some free dental work from my fist!


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

You could totally punch that first monster and then say "The eyes have it." That would be cool.

Nathan Petrelli said...

I'm about to say something, I never thought I would say...That guy chick in the bikini turned me off. ewwww

Also, " Stop touching your self and fuse your robot with ours!"

If I had a quarter for that one...

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Maybe slightly weird with the DX thing, but pretty good considering..Maybe enxt time a sledgehammer might work better.

Henchman432 said...

Focus. Focus, jeeze you kids and your MTV.

Superman said...

No kidding fight with people after the challenges.

Erifia Apoc said...

Uhm... What?


You lost me...

Gyrobo said...

Even in baby form, Mr. Bean is awesome.

Simon said...

Normally getting assaulted by large boobs isn't such a bad thing. In your case it made me want to lose my lunch. Funny how I typcially have that reaction when reading your posts.

Kon-El said...

I.... Oh Rao Your wearing Gladiator wear now? HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! EvenI can;''t believe it, Simon! Yoyou look moe gaytastic now than ya did in the Robin Suit!