Monday, May 7, 2007

Challenge 3

The island is being attacked by giant monsters! Finally some action! We are told we need special suits to fight these things. Ok, I’m down with that. But we weren’t expecting these suits. All five us just stared at them. Skin tight suits of bright colors and matching helmets.

I ran my hand over them, feeling each one, feeling for each power. I frowned.

“What is it?” Godfrey asked, seeing my frown.

“The powers these things have is wizard but it’s what we have to say to activate the suits I don’t like,” I said. The others stared waiting for me to go on. I rolled my eyes. “Spank Me.”

Nathan reached out and slapped my backside. I nearly took my light saber to his head. “No, not really spank me, Nathan. That is that we have to say: Spank Me!”

“Oh, ,” he answered with a grin. He enjoyed that. I know he did.

“Spank me?” Svetlana repeated and got the same thing I did, a hard whack on the backside.

Xavier did not look happy. “Please, don’t do that again, Nathan.”

“I thought she was asking me too,” he came back with.

I rolled my eyes again and donned my red suit. The rest followed suit. Godfrey chose the black one, Nathan the blue, cause it matched his suit. Svetlana took the yellow and the Professor took the green one. For some reason these colors seemed to match our personalities. But we looked ridiculous.

We kinda stood there, no us wanted to say ‘Spank Me’ to activate the suits. So I stepped up, or rather back away from everyone and held out my arms.

“Spank Me!” I shouted, feeling completely stupid.

I suddenly felt really odd. The suit started to change around me. It morphed into a huge red dragon-like creature made of durasteel with wings. Controls popped out of nowhere and I grabbed them. Next I knew I was flying like bird.

Nathan looked up. “Well, you don’t see that every day.” He smiled before screaming ‘Spank Me’. The others did the same.

“Spank Me!”

“Spank Me!”

“Spank Me!”

Man, did that just sound wrong to me.

All the suits when morphed looked almost the same, but they all did something different. Mine had two large swords that shot out its arms. I started swinging and nearly took off Svetlana’s head.

I kinda feel bad about that. Remind me off when I was youngling and nearly cut off Obi-Wan Kenobi’s foot. Long story. Don’t ask.

We didn’t have a lot time to learn how to use these suit but we did take a few minutes to at least look like we knew what we were doing before we headed out. There was lot of running into each other and the Professor suggested we try not to get to close each for now, not until we had too.

I was inclined to agree on that.

If we make it through this, I'm buying everyone a round of beer and dinner.


Erifia Apoc said...

Spank me!

Speaking of spankings, that was a funny post. I look forward to the next installment.

Nathan Petrelli said...

Spank me!

I guess I have nothing else to say....

Spank me!

Blockade Boy said...

Haw! Genius stuff there.

"If we make it through this, I'm buying everyone a round of beer and dinner."

After so much spanking, I should certainly hope so.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Yeah, I'm not sure how that particular phrase was made the command word. I'll have to check the manual.

Skywalker said...

Spank me?

Ok, that sounds like something I would come with.

Professor Xavier said...

First he names us Pokemybootie. Then he makes the activation phrase for our suits Spank Me. I am sensing a theme here. Anything you want to talk about jon?

Synth-Lin said...

Really I haven't heard this much kinky stuff since I was last at Magneto's place.

Love you all.


Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Spank Me!

Nathan Petrelli said...

I'm on my way to your quarters Dark Jedi. ;o)

Simon said...

You people are obsessed with sex. You're like a hoard of teenage boys purusing their father's Playboy magazine. If your constant in-fighting doesn't derail your team, then your hormones will.