Monday, May 7, 2007

Form Feet and Legs.

Ladies and Gents,

"It's Challenge #3 folks and we've got a problem.Hacknor City on Hacknor Island is being attacked by giant Japanese monster movie-type monsters!We need you guys to get over there super fast and stop their rampage.For your challenge we are providing these suits of power armor, each one has its own unique ability that you can use against the massive monstrosities.Of course, when you need to finish off that last monster, you're going to have to combine those suits into one giant robot.Work together teams to stop these monsters!"

That's what Jon said.

I look to my left and right and see Lin and the rest of my team suiting up.

I sigh and take off my A.I.M. uniform and put this thing on.

Well, at least I am still sexy.

Since Lin is going over the controls of these robots. I decide to buy them some time. I am pretty powerful without this suit and robot. I zip over to Hacknor City. I see Team Pokebutt or whatever they are, fighting a group of monsters and not doing a great job.


I'll beat these things in a hot flash. Trouble is there is no monster to fight. I sit and wait. Suddenly it starts getting dark and rainy. Man, what is with this place,Seattle?

Something smells...

I turn around and see.

By the hammer of Thor, that thing is huge and ugly.

Wow, I think I know, why Team Pokeyoureye was having so a hard time.

I kinda want my mommy.


I freeze on the spot, which is something I almost never do. Gamera (which I found out was his name) punted me through two building.

That woke me up and made me mad. I summon three dark beast and run at this saturday morning monster reject at 245mph. My beast were no match for him. He, he just stomped on them , I thought I heard one of them "eek".

I get to the nearest building that isn't toppled and jump. I land a haymaker right. The sound of it, rings through downtown Hacknor City. Which was having a monster movie festival. Weird.

I hit him with all my strength (lift/press 50tons) and nothing. Well, I shouldn't say nothing. It puts him in a bad mood.

Wow, this is just getting worse.

I yell "Overdrive". This usually doubles my powers,but it has it's own setbacks ( it could kill me and only last 15 min). I wiz around the mutant turtle, hit him at all sides. Trying to find a weak spot. In my anger and frustation, I kick him in the shin, that does the job. He drops like a presidential rating.

However, I am out of juice. I call forth my robot. I find it is yellow and kick butt, like me.

I jump in it. I am amazed by the tech in this whip. My teammates have just finished their monsters. Just when I think it all over, I hear the Beastie Boys. An alarm go's off and Bennet call for us to join.
I yell at the top of my lungs" I'll form feet and legs."

Then we are surrounded by a ton of missles.
Dental for all.
Dr.Polaris rules.


Synth-Lin said...

Henchy got his groove back.

Go Henchy Go Henchy Go Henchy

I didn't think Gamera would be THAT easy to beat.

Love you all.


Nathan Petrelli said...

Posers...I'll have you know that....Well I don't know what Poser means, but I know i'm not one. Unless it means sexy.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

I would want my mommy too!


Erifia Apoc said...

Interesting... Did your suit even really change?

Henchy MUCH MUCH better. MUCH MUCH! Congrats.

Professor Xavier said...

Well, at least you aren't Mr. Pink.

Gyrobo said...

It suits you.

Simon said...

Forming feet. Why am I not surprised? It's the role of the henchmen to get trodden on by their bosses. And I don't think switching from yellow bee-keeper to a yellow version of the leather clad biker from the Village People is going to do anything to get you more respect.