Monday, May 21, 2007

Monkeyboy Popper

I watched this machine pop out Monkeyboy after Monkeyboy. The galaxy over run by Monkeyboys? I don’t think so.

Maybe there is away to reverse the machine so it sucks them all back in… but how? I went over avoiding the grabby little things pulling on my robes and trying to jump all over me. As I tried to rip open the cover and look inside a heavey armored Monkeyboy slapped my leg with a plastic banana on the shin.

“Ouch you little-“

“MUUHGGAA! You will not touch the Popper!” he says.

“Step off, Monkey face” I said, shoving him back.

“MUUHGGAAGOOA! Wench! I’ll beat your legs off with the Nanner of Doom!” he said hitting me again, this time in the knee.

The what of what? “I’m going to shove your Nanner of Doom up your…” BAM! He clocked me in the gut with it. Ok, that was it! I whipped out my lightsaber. “You ever seen a Purple People Eater, Monkeyface?”

I ignited the blade.

The Monkeyboy guard wet his pants.

“MUUUGGGGWWAWAWAGHHAAAOOOOOOO! Marry me!” he shouted and grabbed my leg.

“Get off me!”

“MUUHGGAAGOOALOOOOOLLAAAA- LLLAAAA!” He tried to crawl up my side. I tried to swat him off. He held on like Whomp Rat with cheese.

He got up to my chest and looked down. “GOOOOLA-LALA-LAL-MUMAAA!”

Dirty little pervert! I shoved him off me and he ran back, clutching my leg, swinging his plastic nanner with one hand.


Why me I ask? Why me?

I swing back and kicked him and he went flying. He came right back. Right on to the blade of Purple People Eater.


“Sorry fuzz ball,” I muttered. “I anit Queem of no Monkeyboy’s popper!”

I went to transporter and somehow managed to get it to go from pop to suck.

And just sounds bad all around.


Erifia's Author said...

There was this one time, I was hunting down Wallace Nussbum in Baconburg. That may not be familiar to you. But, I had to wrestle an Orangutan. Now the key to wrestling Orangs is not to let them get you by the feet. So when he grabbed me by the foot, I shot him.

Good times. Good times.

Speaking of good times... My afro almost d-poofed from my laughter. Great post.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

I second that.. Great Job DJK!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

The Monkeyboy guard wet his pants.

That I did not expect.

Good comedy, though.

Gyrobo said...

Would that be a purple-people eater who eats purple people, or a purple people-eater, which eats all people but is itself purple?

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

a purple people-eater, which eats all people but is itself purple...

I think.


Professor Xavier said...

I was surpised about the pants thing. Most Monkeyboys I've seen don't wear them. You got lucky.

Henchman432 said...

Grr...You are doing really good. GGrrr.

Ghost of Congressman Nathan Petrelli said...

It could be worse, you could have a monkeyboy humping your leg...Oh...Nevermind...
It could be worse. Someone could have mistaken what they saw and announced to the galaxy that you were making out with a monkeyboy...Oh...Nevermind that too...