Monday, May 14, 2007

Bloodsucking termites

The debacle of Hacknor city was over, thank the stars. After a few asprins, a com call from Pho on the update of the betting pool( don't ask) and a nap.. I was feeling much better..

That was until we got the next challange that is

An obsticle course? Pfft I've had more diffucult challanges when I was a kid!.. I'd probably have need of a hot bath and a drink once this was over.. but this one was the best we'd gotten yet. I was still hoping for something like the arenas on Tatooine with the gladiators but I digress.

Soon as the whistle blew everyone took off at once trying to pick their path. I just went straight. Razor wire with an electric current? No prob. I was under that and out in a few seconds.. Try having the wire laden with scorpions, tarantulas, cobras and every other venomous creature you can think of. Been there done that got the postcard.

Next up was a series of swinging pendulum axes with beams in between to balance on. Now this was more like it. I jumped for the first, balance shaking slightly as I got a feel for how wide I could balance on these things. A force jump carried me to the second. Third I had to do a handstand. I almost lost my balance there.. that was when the hissing caught my attention.. Oh great, Tatooine Viper snakes.. Some of the most dangerous snakes in the galaxy.

If I fell I was snake meat, and add to that, Pho would bring me back just to kill me again.

That's worse than getting killed by snakes.

One huge jump brought me over the last two blades and almost into a trench. The dirt was crumbling underneath my fingers as I scraped for a handhold.. To make matters worse the trench was muddy, so that made the going even harder. I found a small handhold and scrambled up . I was on my hands and knees for a moment, panting harshly.

This was the first time I had not merged with the dragon and it was proving that I needed to train more. I was getting rusty.

I heard the flamethrower before I felt the flames. I threw myself out of the way and right into the path of a river. I went under hand grasping on empty air. there was a board with two rope handles that I could see turned every twenty two seconds to the opposite bank . The end was in sight, I could see the others waiting at the end of the finish line. I grabbed onto the rope handles and waited, arms burning from the strain.

I could hear her in my head talking, pulling the pain from my head That's it.. Relax hon.. The pain isn't there.. The end is in sight. There's a surprise waiting for you back at the barracks.. hurry home love.. Be safe

The pain gone I leapt for the opposite bank . there were only about three more things left.. That I could sense.

I took a step and twigs snapped under me, branches giving way. I sprang up into one of the trees just in time to see the netting over the tiger trap give and three huge tigers and one panther prowled the pit waiting for me. " Sorry guys, you'll have to find your lunch elsewhere.. I've got a course to finish!"

I jumped to the ground and realized what a mistake I had made.. My boots squelched as I began sinking into the quicksand. I knew better than to move right off and i looked around to see what I had to work with.. Two planks of cypress wood and a vine... Well that'd do.

Calling the planks and the vine to my hands with the force I tied the planks together. using the boards as a fulcrum I planted them deep in the ground and used it to yank myself up with a little burst of energy from the dragon. I realized I had used the wings without realizing it. Shrugging it off I ran onto the next trap, jumped clean over it and kept running with an ease that'd make any track star jealous.

I climbed the ladder in front of me and nearly threw up.. A giant slide of green slime.. good grief.. this was the last one? Well they sure save the worst for last don't they? I stood there for a minute looking at the sludge. I could smell napalm, gasoline and green jello.. What in the galaxies?

What Phobia said to me earlier steeled what little resolve I had. At least I thought to keep linen in my belt.. After using a little of it to plug my ears and nose, I took a deep breath ; and dropped.

I could hear it squelching and slugging under me, like a witch’s brew bubbling in a cauldron. There were some creepy things in it .. When I saw what they were.. I flipped.. Corellian leeches!.. Oh good god.. .When I was little, I got lost in the swamps outside the city and I fell into a leech bog.. I was sick for weeks, red teeth marks all over me..

The slide couldn't end fast enough . Soon as I was up I was ripping them off of me , shivering and stomping them out in disgust. After getting a towel from.. Galaxy I don't know who because my glasses were covered in gunk, I went back to the barracks.

Sure enough there was a holo chip wrapped in a red silk box waiting on my bed. After getting out of the gunk filled clothes, I stretched out on my bed and hit the play button.

I know you're probably sore and very tried, but I'm missing you so terribly love.. So I decided to send you this message.. I hope this finds you in good spirits.. I love you Godfrey.. Come home safe, I'll be waiting...

Let me say this much.. This holo and the message made today's challenge worth it, every second..

For now I think I'll just relax and try to be ready for the next one.



Synth-Lin said...

Wow! I'm the first to comment here.

Gee that sounded like a rough ride there Godfrey.

I wonder how mine is going to end up.

Love you all.


Godfrey Zebulon said...

Understatement of the year, and hopefully you'll have it easier than I did.. Just watch out for the leeches.. * shivers slightly*

Professor Xavier said...

Well played, G-Man. (Sorry, I have a tendency to give people super-hero names. Old habits die hard.)

With your handy completion of the course, our team should coast to victory.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Could G-Man be an X-Man?

Good job, Godfrey.

Leuba Sapphire said...

Looking back, I would have to say, how did Private Hudson get through such an course? Is it even possible.

Enjoy your break, you well know your journey is not over...

Good Post.

(You have just been judged by Older Erifia.)

Simon said...

Not to be rude, but you might want to try another line of work. Perhaps moat digging or tree climbing. The writing thing just doesn't seem to be working out. There's some pizzazz missing, that's all I'm saying.

Nathan Petrelli said...

Leeches?!!! Excuse me...I have to check something.....

Catia Ravenstone said...

Well Simon ,maybe you just need to grow a brain and grow up from the two year old infintile status you seem to be caught in..That is if you have the capacity.

Forget that, you'r e a man, I'm talking to a brick..

Henchman432 said...

Hot tub time.

Gyrobo said...

A panoply of imagery;
Emotional asymmetry!
Your plot is packed with energy,
And weft throughout its entropy
Hold deep and thin analogy.