Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hudson's Judgement

Alright boys and girls, I am going to pass judgment on you because some slack jawed non-Colonial Marine personnel got herself stuck in the Stargate. (Sorry Arfia, don’t be mad at me ‘cuz I told everyone).

Now I am tough but fair. In my eyes, you are all equal. Some more equal than others.

Here is my judgement:

Local Henchman: Congratulations, you came in first. Unfortunately, you came in first on the wrong course so you don’t win. Ha ha. Jughead called, he wants his hat back. What? The hat, get it? Aw nevermind.

Godfrey: Good job, Jedi have super strength, right? Can you open this jar of peanut butter for me?

Dark Jedi Kriss: Good job, I especially liked the shower part. So uh, what are you doing this Saturday?

Kon-El: Your performance on this challenge hinges on this one very, very important question: Can you give Power girl this note with my phone number?

Petrelli: You get negative points for having that long haired hippy freak on your post. I can’t stand them hippies, they’re always like “Oh man,” and “like wow, man.”

Synth-Lin: You’re too hot for words. ‘Nuff said.

Xavier: You also get negative points. I don’t recall telling anyone to use armor on the course. You sir, are not Colonial Marine material. I pity you and all your illegitimate children.

Gyrobo: There’s something awesome about how you work. Can we hook you up to the Sulaco and power the warp drives?

Bennet: Clearly this was your moment to shine, you negotiated this course like a seasoned pro. If you wanted to be a Colonial Marine, you could go far. Man, you could be a corporal maybe a corporal first class.

So, that’s how that rolls. I’d like to make you all winners, but that’s not how it works around here, especially since most of you stunk up the joint like PFC Vasquez’s armpits after PT.

Dark Jedi Kriss, you are the winner of this round. Oh, did I mention that I am free on Saturday night? Mebbe you and I could go out to dinner or something? It's franks and beans night at the chowhall.

OK, Team-O Supremo email Jon with your vote.


Henchman432 said...

I cry foul.

Professor Xavier said...

Three cheers for Jedi Kriss!

(I just realized I don't know how to spell that third word that starts with an H)

Henchman432 said...

Hooray. Good Job Kriss.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

YESSSSSS! WHHOHOOOO! *does a little dance*

Yeah I'm free. *wink* Pick me up a 8.

Good going team! We kick a$$!

Erifia Apoc said...

Hudson... Judged instead of me...

I love a man who can judge... Hudson... Come over to my room later...

You look so sexy when you are insulting contestants...

(I'll take him out of the game.. Forever.)

Nathan Petrelli said...

Jedi: xoxoxox

You can do better than Hudson. You can do Petrelli better. ;o)

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Great job Kriss! and now the scales even out...BTW.. Pho said that Vader is liable to freak, so just make sure he doesn't find his way to Hacknor

Hudson, opened the Penut Butter Jar, sitting on the counter..

Gyrobo said...

As a legal expert, I applaud your use of the colon to delimit judgments.

Also, way to go Kriss! I think we're all Georgian Swamp Chickens tonight.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

I feel like chicken tonight...
like chicken tonight...

Summer Dawn O'Ciardha said...

You mean there are judges? That would be fun to do.

Synth-Lin said...


I get out of the tub and we didn't win. Thats it I'm going back to the tub again.

Call me when the next challenge is on.


Why should I love you all, all the time.

Mr. Bennet said...

Gah! So my seduction of Erifia last night was all in vain!

Simon said...

I think both teams should have lost.