Monday, May 7, 2007

Challange 3 - Why you should never argue

After the mandible fiasco with the power suits I had figured out the controls pretty quickly but there were a couple buttons I was still clueless on. I figured I would just leave them be for the present. The wind in my hair made me feel freer than I had been in a long time.

Truth be told I really didn't need the power suit for the wings anyway.. A small smirk took over my face as I drew closer to Hacknor City. The black suit had a few weapons I was quite familiar with. A short crossbow, a bo staff with wicked looking blades on the ends, and a set of sais, perfect sizing.
I saw the first of the damage whenever I skidded to a stop, narrowly missing crashing into DJK" Sorry.. I still need work on the landings" I said sheepishly. There were buildings ready to collapse all around , people crying, it was something out of a classic horror movie. There was a small girl and her brother standing just below one of the sky rises. The ground rumbled and I saw the rock sliding towards the children just as I think most of the group who were looking that way did.

The dragon's wings combined with the force brought me to them within a span of a few seconds and I managed to support the greater chunk of the building from falling onto them. Smaller pieces were sliding down terrifying the kids. " I could use a hand over here!" I yelled to no one in particular.
All at once Nathan, Xavier and DJK ran for the kids and the building simultaneously .Nathan tried to bring the building off my shoulders while DJK lifted the kids out of the way. I could hear Nathan and Xavier arguing.

" Let me handle this!"

" No! you're needed elsewhere! I can handle this!"

" You're just trying to hog all the glory!"

" Me, oh that's the pot calling the kettle black!"

" Black? Oh you'd know about that you-"

That was it , my temper snapped. Could it have something to do with holding a half a ton of rubble up like Atlas? Probably
I made a move straight upward tossing the cement rubble cocktail off me and punched straight through it, sending dust and little pebbles everywhere. Then I turned on the two of them.

" Look I personally don't care what egotistical, moronic, glory hogging paranoid ideas you two have. But we are in this together like it or not. So could we please act like it?"
I moved off through the mess , looking for others.
I could hear DJK railing them out.. Sounded a lot like Pho.. I almost started laughing" You know he's right, we need to act like a team for once.. Now I know why the Jedi order couldn't tolerate bucket head"
It was then when I saw it through the fire surrounding the few remaining buildings on the block.. the thing was huge, it looked like a zoid, but more human like.. It had rockets on it's back and the whole thing reeked of dark side energy.

As I watched the thing move slowly through the destruction the mass argument behind me dimmed as one by one everyone saw it.

" what the-?" Nathan's eyes looked like they were about ready to bug out of his head. apparently he had never seen something that huge before

" I have no idea what it is, but something tells me that 's our first target.. Central power cells are on it's back and chest.. I've got this one.." Just as I was about to go after it, the force screamed at me in warning.." Damnit we're surrounded!"
There were three more that looked similar in build to the first one.. the first. .it looked the most warrior like out of all the rest..

We were hemmed in in the square of rubble these monsters had created. Not a good thing in the least." okay for lack of a better idea for now.. how about we each take on one?"
DJK looked at me" Have you lost it? In case you haven't noticed those things are about the size of an imperial class star destroyer? no worse.. Anakin's Ego!"

I spun the bo scythe in my free hand" Look at these things.. they may be monsters.. but they are mechanical.. like you said.. like an imperial class star destroyer.. all good mechanical things need a tune up now and again.. "
I saw the gleam in her eyes.. She would no doubt be boasting to Anakin when this was over..

" All right, now that that's settled.. anyone else have any objections?.. We have to take these things on to find out at least where we stand for now.. No guarantees it'll work"
Nathan shook his head" no guarantees? It's more like suicidal!"
Svetlana sighed" I suppose you're right.. but how do we outrun something like that?" she pointed to the one that was swooping back and forth like a vulture
I grinned" Stay light on your feet and stay alert"
Not wanting to wait any longer I went after the big hulking red monster that was waiting behind the others. Here I could let the dragon loose without a problem. I could feel the power suit shifting to accommodate my change.

The sensors went off and it turned it's head towards me but I was ready. I jumped over it almost and landed on it's back.. As I started ripping away the power cells I could feel that this might not be so easy as I had first believed..
Until Later( I hope)


Erifia Apoc said...

It never is, you people think my job is easy... They are just robots... Uh-No... Much harder then it looks.

Along the path of the one before, its solid, I can follow, but I didn't get a laugh out of it, sorry.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

True.. I'm learning that quickly though I was taught to never underestimate my opponent.. there's something more elusive here.. Though I'm not sure what excactly it is..

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Millions of space bucks spent on those armor suits and still they mess up the user's hair. Can't science get anything right?

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

*pats hair and winks*

Skywalker said...

Oh, no not the hair!

Where is my gel?????

Professor Xavier said...

Look, I'll I'm saying is I've been running a school for some very special students for a number of years now. I'm use to command and authority as opposed to a wanna-a-be politico running for office. Politicians whole modus operandi is to avoid responsibility and the making of hard decisions. It's only logical that people would want to take leadership from me. That's all I'm saying.

Nathan Petrelli said...

I resemble that remark, and you are so lucky that my campaign manager has the hots for bald guys, or I would be more agressive in taking charge of this situation.

Oh. No offense on that whiney comment Godfrey. :o)

Godfrey Zebulon said...

None taken.. I've heard much worse,Nathan believe me.

I see where your comming from Professor,but any bickering, save for off the battlefield so to speak. It could get us into trouble.

Anakin, com message from Pho said, " your gel is the last place you left it, underneath the seat in your fighter"

Jon , now you kow why I keep my hair short.

Simon said...

Your team has all the coordination of a pack of girl scouts fighting over the last Carmel Delite.