Monday, June 11, 2007

Women troubles

We had to sell things at the coliseum *rolls eyes* I'd much rather be competing inside than out here looking like an idiot in front of a " Jedi Bobble head" stand.. strangely enough they had little outfits too.. Like for the Obi Wan one there was a kilt..

Don't ask about the others.. It got stranger and stranger.. The Vader one even came in pink and blue.

The absolute weirdest thing was seeing yourself made into a bobble head. They had it pretty good I have to say.. right down to my eye color and the glasses. I made sure to set an Anakin one back for DJK though.. she was fighting off people over at her stand..
So I'm standing there not doing anything much in particular.. I had figured how the traffic went.. it started at the top and worked it's way to the bottom.. And guess what?
I was the last stand before the arena.
The advantage was I got to watch the fights.. Amateurs.. I could do much better, give me a shot..
It was whenever I saw Mr. black tin bucket himself whenever I looked towards the stairs and saw her..
Was it Pho? I couldn't honestly tell for sure.. she looked like her from a distance.. As she got closer I could tell it wasn't , which made me blush red as a tomato.. Force.. I think I just took stupidity to a whole new level. Though the com call from Pho didn't help all that much in the way of calmness this morning either.
"Hiya stranger. .whatcha sellin?" she asks me, propping her elbows on the counter .
think .. Think. get your head back together!
" Jedi bobble heads"
On seeing her curious look I point to Vader who is still arguing with DJ.. " see that metal head there?"
She grimaces" yeah.. told me women couldn't fight and I needed to be in the local model agency.. twit.. "
I lifted up one of the pink and blue bobble heads " Well , shows you how much of a baby he really is!"
We both burst laughing.
" You look like you want to be in there not out here huh?"
I nodded" you've got no idea how much.. I love gladiator fights.. not for the blood. .but for the effort and time put into training.. and the only time you get to show it is in the arena.. "
Her eyes went wide slightly.. " You're the first person I've talked to who has realized that.. I.. thank you.."
She lifted her ungauntleted hand and shook mine" I'm Aiashka.. and what would your name be?"
I smiled, doing something I normally ever did for Pho, I turned her hand over and kissed her knuckles gently " I'm Godfrey Zebulon.. Jedi Knight.. "
She smiles" Pleased to meet you Godfrey.. " whatever she was about to say next is cut off by the bell.
" Well I've got to be going.. and since I so ungraciously took up all of your time.. How about one of the bobble heads of you? As my way of sayings thanks for showing me not all the world is blind to the true metal of a gladiator"
As she pressed the credits into my hand, she asked me the one thing I couldn't do" Heya.. after the competition.. what about dinner?"
I shook my head" I'm sorry Aiashka.. That I can't do.. not today anyway.. I'm here on business.."
She turns to walk away but then looks over her shoulder" Well maybe another time then.. "
Just as she is about to re enter the coliseum she walks back and gives me a quick kiss.. totally unexpected.. and no .. it honestly meant nothing to me.. I was too surprised to do anything..
Winking.. she runs back into the arena as her match begins.
And that was in the first 10 minutes
Later on that same hour things got.. weirder. If possible
A couple of gungans walk up and start talking in their own language so fast I can't begin to translate
" It's yousa! it's yousa! yousa da one who saved Maybelienea!"
Long story short: I had to go on a mission to Otoh Gunga When I was a padawan and I saved the gungan princess Maybelienea from a sea monster.. Then I promptly got motion sickness and threw up all over Boss Nass' shoes.. ( at least I think they were shoes .. Too sick to remember)
Then.. oh lord no.. there is Maybelienea .. a grown gungan now.. and apparently..
" it's nice to see you too but there is such a thing for humans called air that's vital!!" I choke out trying to pry her flippers from my neck where she caught me in a bear hug.. If gungans became sith.. we'd all be doomed.. her grip is almost strong as mine..
She finally lets go only to start kissing me to death.. gah. I'm going to need a soak in the Jacuzzi after this.. when she finally lets up.. I have slime all over me and look a mess..
" Yousa be here when we get back? byesss!" they all head inside
Me be here when the games let up? Not even if Vader offered to let me kill him
Finally my last 5 minutes at the stand then I was gone.. straight out of here and as far away from the walking terror as I possibly could be.
Then a little girl walks up.
What is it with women anyway? Any age or species for that matter they seem stuck on me.. I'm not that great am I?
Anyway she comes wandering up ..Wearing royal Alderanian robes.. I recognize her almost immediately.. She's Bail's niece, Morgana.. cutest thing you'd ever see, black hair and blue eyes.
" excuse me myster? can you help me find my unkie bail?"
How could any man in his right mind say no to a cute face like that?
She seems tired so I pick her up and when I do..
She gets sick.. all over me
Poor thing had too much cotton candy to eat probably.. little children shouldn't have that much sugar. I set her down for a second and grab a roll of paper towels and wipe myself off as best as I can before picking her up again. it doesn't take two minutes for me to find Bail ,who's looking everywhere frantically for Morgana.
" Oh there you are!" he says taking her off my hands" She didn't cause you any trouble did she Godfrey?
" Oh her? nope..sweet little angel"
All in all that sums up my day from the sith at the coliseum.. Now if you'll excuse me.. I need a change of clothes and a shower.


corbiscide said...

I got a better pic of that darth vader than you.

Better pink vader

Gee I now understand Simon.

It is easier to put people down. You know Lin wouldn't like this at all but I love it.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Too much cotton candy will do that to a girl, especially some of the flavors that they sell around here.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Yeah, cotton candy is evil...

Thanks for the Anakin bobble. *holds it up and wiggles it* Look! Skywalker wasted!


Skywalker said...

Dude, you have the worst luck.

Skywalker said...

And DJ I saw that.

Darth Inferna said...

What? From what I understood, you cheated on your wife, then expect to make up for it by helping a little child. You really are evil.

As far as the post was concerned, "What?" Is my total undeniable answer to that.

Sith Rule!

Godfrey Zebulon said...

A) Inferna I didn't start the thing and I certainly didn't go looking for a kiss or anything of that matter I know I'll hear it when I get back and probably spend a lot of time making it up to her.. But I digress..

B) Anakin.. tell me about it. .worst luck in the flippin galaxy

C) DJ your welcome.. and remind me to make sure I have a holoscrambler next time I work over there..

D) Corbiside.. yeah that is a better picture.. but I don't make the bobbles I only sell them

E) Jon yeah she had strawberry flavored.. gak.. I was covered in pink

Phobia said...

*tiptoes over* um.. Godfrey.. I should have told you.. *whispers something in his ear*

*backs away hands behind her back giggling madly*

Godfrey Zebulon said...


Wellll that changes things quite a bit.. a battle demon you say? no hard feelings hon?*grins a little*

Phobia said...

None at all dear.. Inferna.. he didn't cheat on me.. first , he didn't instigate any of it.. It wasn't like he grabbed her and kissed her.. and he was a total gentleman about it..

Second, Aiashka.. I know her well.. very well in fact..

So don't talk about what you don't understand.

Catia Ravenstone said...

For once Inferna and I agree on something.. lord the apocolypse must be comming..

* pulls a face at the sweet romantics* pathetic fools

Simon said...

Your post reminded me of Gyrobo's. You both give me headaches trying to decipher it.

Vegeta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vegeta said...

like your style Raven Stone. I can't believe Simon's still around, I thought he would have lamed himself away by now.

Professor Xavier said...

I wouldn't worry about the kiss. What happens on Hacknor stays on Hacknor.

Ghost of Congressman Nathan Petrelli said...

I think I dosed off on that one, but I'm sure it was a good one.

Noah Bennet said...

I want my money back!

Anonymous said...

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