Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fun Bags.

Ladies and Gents.

At the first call in the morning, we are told to meet Jon for our challenge

Jon: "OK, Gladiators, please move along nicely into this room."

(Oh boy, I been here before). I think. Henchman: "This room looks familiar."

Professor X: "I recognize this as well. Jon, that gender-changing ray isn't in here, is it?"

(Oh no, I don't want to go throught that again.)

Before we can say anthing. We are zapped by a unusual ray.

My vision blurs.

Dark Jedi Kriss: "Something doesn't feel right here."

I feel a little strange.

Jon:" Each of your minds was transfered into another Gladiator's body. Your challenge is to live in that new body for one week."

Professor X is now in Henchman's body.

(Hell no, Hot Wheels better take good care of my body, or else.)

Henchman is now in Dark Jedi Kriss' body.

(Sweet. This awesome, Dark Jedi Kriss's body is smoking.)

Henchman: "Cool, look what I got!"

Dark Jedi Kriss: "Don't you dare! Don't you even touch them!"

(Think quick, think quick.) Henchman: "Hey, it's going to be a week. I'm going to have to wash them."

Dark Jedi Kriss: "Fine but no funny business."

(HA ha, Sucker.) Henchman: Maybe I'll wash 'em a bunch of times. Heh heh." (I sure will.)

So basical, I went from this.

To this.

Not bad. I spend a day and a half in the shower. Hhmmm....Shower.

While washing DJ Kriss's body. (I felt dirty, haw haw.) I found this spot. It only took me two hands.(I wish I had a map through.)

Much to my chagrin. I had to get out of the shower. (What do chicks do now...)

Lotion.( Sweet)

It's now day three and I am a little bored. I try to think what I should do...(Shower, lotion or play with fun bags.) While those things are great to do. I feel, I am wasting time. Then it hits me. Dress up.

I dress up and head out. Time to see what Hacknor has to offer.

I put on this number and get free drinks and a dinner. I took the guy's number and threw it in the trash.Haw haw.

This outfit get me a very nice watch. However, his wife might be mad. He tore it off of her arm to give it to me.

Wow, DJK might a little P.O.ed after this.

Some Dude makes me a offer, 50 grand to be his "Batgirl". I take his money and leave him on the street.

I head back to my room. I played with DKJ's light saber. I, by mistake wreck my room. I love this thing.

On my last night. I set up a photo shoot. For some of my fans.

I had a great time. I took names and broke hearts. Now if you excuse me. I have to take one last shower.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.


Synth-Lin said...

I have to say those costumes were brilliant.
Who did you get to make them?

I really want a Pheonix one for me.

By the way did you remember to moisturise after showering so much. Cause Kriss' skin could really get dehydrated.

Love you all


Vince Briefs said...

Wow. Great just got hit by my Batgirl, oh as for Your body Um I saw Professor Xavier go into a local "lard burger"

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Oh geez.. Henchman.. as soon as your back in your own body.. take my advice.. run .. and FAST..

But seriously, great post!

Lin, don't mind the little whisper you'll hear in the back of your head while in my body.. Just Fafnir is all..

Skywalker said...

Dude, that was...
I'm dead for this...
The funniest dayum thing!
You are so so dead,, DJ is going to kill you!

Over all: Ho-Lar-Ious!

PS: You might want to stop playing with those now.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Ho-lar-ious? Is that with an emphasis on "Ho?"

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Hench, if my funbags are sore when I get them back... I'm going to kill you!

At least I got a watch.

And you better have used some good lotion. I have tender skin.

Never mind, I'm going to kill you anyway.

DJK's Author: Really funny, Hench. I spit my drink!

Henchman432 said...

Thank you, thank you very much. *Hides video he made*

Noah Bennet said...

Woo hoo! I think we won this challenge.

Ghost of Congressman Nathan Petrelli said...

You got the best's what I would have done.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...



Simon said...

You certainly seemed to have no trouble adjusting to life in a woman's body. Maybe it's time for that surgery.

Kon-El said...

Simon likes you! Run!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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