Monday, June 4, 2007

How low can I get? I don't want to know

I blink and suddenly I'm not in my own body anymore WTF?I dared a glance in the mirror.. If I wouldn't have had the Jedi discipline, I probably would have screamed like a kid in a horror movie.

I was in Mr. Benett's body.

When I heard the challenge I was silently thanking the stars it was only one week.. but there was another problem.. Pho. I had to let her know what was going on so she wouldn't worry..

And the guest judge is Anakin.. well talk about a small world.

With what few tools I had in my bags I somehow managed to construct a voice changer chip. I say somehow because my new body's fingers are NOT cut out for mechanics. It was then I gave Pho a call. She was nearly frantic.

" Godfrey? what's happened? your force signature just cut off.. I can't feel you!"

I took a deep breath" Pho listen to me.. it's about the new challenge for LGS2. I'm in a different body.. Just trust me.. it will all be over in a week.. until then it might be better we don't com all that much."

She burst into hysterics. I could hear her sobbing over the com.. Great just great

" Look it'll be fine okay? things are starting to wind down here.. I promise when this week is up I will call you as SOON as I am back in my body.. okay?"

"O..okay.. " She was sniffing pretty badly.. I hadn't meant to upset her that much..

" See you soon.. Love you"

" Love you too Godfrey.. please be careful"

I couldn't say anymore.. I just hung up, feeling like the biggest fool on the face of the planet.

I only wanted to shut myself in my room and stay there but that wouldn't have been anywhere's near productive. So I went for a run across the Island.

It took me twice as long to get back thanks to the stitches I kept getting in my side. Then I threw myself into training.. something repetitive.. old kata ,basic line drills.. I just didn't want to think about anything much.

Then it occurred to me, the library!

I finally found it after getting lost several dozen times. My sense of direction was never this bad.. I had to explain a thing or two to Mr. Benett when this was over. For the rest of that day I read every book within my reach. I did find one interesting one though.. " The tale of the Body thief"

The next day it was much of the same. Finally when I gave up on reading I was just going to leave the library whenever Professor Xavier( or should I say Professor DJ?) rolled up.

" I haven't seen you around since the start of this challenge.. What's wrong? You look terrible"

I chanced a glance in a hallway mirror. I did look horrible.. My hair was a mess, I needed a shave badly.. just to start.. I looked like the beginnings of a demon grizzly Adams

" I tried to call Pho yesterday to explain things to her and I upset her really bad.. I feel awful"

A smile then" Well instead of moping around about it, first go clean up then you and I can put our heads together and plan"
I supposed she was right so I went and got myself looking presentable.. Then I rejoined her in the main room.

" What should I do? I hate upsetting her like this but I didn't want her to panic.."

" Flowers"


"Yes flowers, and chocolate. .Send her that with an apology note.. By the time you get home things will be fine.. in fact, I'll ask for some help at the photography agency. Sundru owes me a favor"

After that my spirits were lifted immensely.. That is until the cell phone started ringing.

" Hello? Mr. Benett?"

Was that.. Palpatine?

*cough* " Ah yes hello Norbert.. What brings you to the phone today?"

" I was wondering when those papers were going to be ready"

" Papers? um I'm sorry.. things have been so busy lately you'll have to refresh my memory"

" the papers to take over the Chucky Cheese on Alderann and Hacknor. With those empires under my belt.. The galaxy is only one step away!" He starts laughing manically.. and by then I'm like.. " what in the world has he been smoking?

Not five minutes later the phone rings again.
*heavy breathing* Hello DJ?"
What the force?
" Vader DJ isn't around you twit so I suggest you give up your melodramatic schemes of world domination and go work in a nursing home!"
20 minutes.. all I ask is 20 minutes.. it rings again
" Hello?"
" hello Clarice.."
" Look I'm not Clarice.. go back to psycho ward!"
AGH I swear if that bloody phone rings again I'll..
Taking a deep breath I answer again
" hello?"
" the man who did the waking offers the man who was sleeping a drink while the man who was sleeping listens to a proposition from the man who did the waking":
I had it.. I snuck into the kitchen where Jon was busy fixing himself a triple Decker gladiator mcburger with the works and shoved the phone between the tomatoes and the ketchup.
Mr. Benett. I'll buy you a new phone.. Jon I hope you like your burgers crispy.. And Synth, to take a quote from the insane idiot who called me the last time" Please.. don't do anything stupid.. "
Now I get to wait...
Oh joy
I HATE waiting
Until Later
Godfrey (in Mr.Benett's body)


Skywalker said...

Hmm even in another body you can't get away from that comm, cell, whatever.

"shoved the phone between the tomatoes and the ketchup"

Not a bad idea.

Over all: Not too bad, funny.

Skywalker said...

p.s. Man, you are fast. I thought I was speed demon.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Thanks Anakin.. I'm still getting used to this whole bit. A week? I hope my sanity holds out that long

And I'm begining to think that cell phone was planted .. the thing was driving me bonkers.. * slams head into pillow*

Phobia said...

Who'd you think he learned it from Ani? *giggles*

And BTW.. any winnings for this round in the pool are mine.. you can't bet this time cause your judging :P

Chocolate and Roses? * smile forms* You don't really NEED to.. but i'd love it none the less.. I should be the one apologizingto you.. It was moodswings.. nothing more..*hugs*

Vegeta said...

That was you on the phone huh? Someone should really Take away Jon's body switching ray.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

I'll second that.. though eating that phone might teach him a lesson or two.. One can only hope..

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Hey, shoving a phone in my burger was uncalled for!

I'm sure Phobia will be fine with this. Isn't she watching the show? I thought the ratings were high there but I actually haven't seen them. Plus, I'm not sure on the time difference between when we tape and when it airs. You know, in that galaxy far, far away.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

LoL.. Jon it was either the Phone or risk getting your mind put in the body of a monkeyboy.. I figured you'd pick the phone thing easier.

As for Pho.. I have 2 words.. Pregnancy hormones.. I caught her at a shaky time

Doesn't stop me from feeling like a fool though. Though I might be married.. I'm still learning.. Before her..

I was clueless on women*shrugs* hence me not quite piecing together the last one*chuckles*

Ghost of Congressman Nathan Petrelli said...

Hummmm. Not the kind of phone calls I thought Bennet would get. I was expecting more calls from my daughter since she prefers to call Bennet 'Dad' instead of me; and I thought at least one call from an unusally intelligent show dog named Mr. Muggles.

Professor Xavier said...

Norbert? Doesn't really sound all that menacing.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

I wasn't going to keep that blasted phone around long enough to find out..

I know.. Norberty doesn't sound all THAT menacing.. unless your that dragon from Harry Potter

Noah Bennet said...

You're lucky Claire didn't call. I'd have had to kill you.