Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dirty Jedi Kriss.

Ladies and Gents,

This week challenge won't be as fun as the last.


So Jon start with the yapping.

Jon: For your challenge today, you will be running a concession and souvenir stand here during today’s show.

Henchman: Pfft, big deal. We hand out some popcorn, maybe a few giant foam cowboy hats, then we call it a night.

Jon: You just keep telling yourself that. You can work individually or in teams, but you’ll be working all night. Enjoy the show, everyone.

The problem is these things are never easy. Something always happens, always. I suck it up and head to my station.

As if on cue, I have nothing to sell and I was outside of the Amphitheater.

(JON.....he is so dead.)

I rush out to meet a few venders. I see their promo vids of what they are selling.

I want to back away slowly and call my mommy, but I have no choice. I take the muffins.

I call A.I.M., they boom tube me a half dozen of their Guard kittens.

These help. However, I am losing ground to DJK and Hot Wheels. DJK is wearing her slave outfit.

I don't think I can beat them with this merchandise. I ponder about it. Then it hits me. I made a video when I was in Dark Jedi Kriss's body, in the shower. I was going to save it purely for archival reasons.


I burn 600 copies of Dirty Jedi Kriss.

Click here to see Dirty Jedi Kriss in action.

I get Brak to man the work station, while I get this thing on the Jumbotron. I play the first few seconds and announce the location of my stand.

DJK was to busy with Vadar to notice.

The Former King Vegeta buys about half of my stock.

I was about to ask why and he interupts me.

"One, I get lonely and two, Sayian Chistmas is coming." He gives me the lowdown.

I sell out of the Videos, Guard Kittens and imaginary muffins. I make a killing.

Now, you have to excuse me. I have to get off the planet.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.


Godfrey Zebulon said...

Yeah I'd say you'd better run.. and fast.. when she catches up with you.. it's not going to be pretty..But that's just from my estimation point (great post!)

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Mmm, I sure could go for a muffin right about now.

Trunks said...

Hey Grandpa, Could you send one of those to your favorite grandson?

Mirai Trunks said...

(Later on Saiyan Chriistmas.) What the? Why did I get a tape in the mail saying "dirty Jedi Kriss?"

Synth-Lin said...

Dirty Jedi Kriss.



Now there's a new direction she's never thought of.

Cool Kitty Cat.

I always thought muffins were scary and you've gone and proven to me that they are.

I want a Chewbaca in my Star Wars Muffin

Erifia's Author said...

I'm glad I bought a video from you Hench. Just kidding, Pornography is wrong: The acting in it, however is good.

As for completing the challenge, selling someone else's body, whether you were in it at the time or not is wrong.

How much do you think she would go for, $1,000,000 Credits? If so, you have yourself a deal Hench. If you don't come through, I'll shoot you.

Okay Post.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Erifia's Author...

Very fast.

Very, very fast.

I am very much feeling the darkside.

(You killed me! Both of you! LOL!)

Ghost of Congressman Nathan Petrelli said...

Poor Dark Jedi. I too have been recorded in the act. Of course, I wasn't by myself, but that is a different story.

Well I have to go now. This video isn't going to play itself now is it... good post.

Professor Xavier said...

Perv?!?! I just had a healthy intellectual curiosity. Purely for educational purposes.

Noah Bennet said...

I didn't realize you had such a strong head for business. Maybe you and I should start our own Paper & Pornography business?

Simon said...

As agreed, in exchange for one copy of the video, I will forego the roast this time.

Skywalker said...

You are dead when she gets you.

*send me a copy*

I didn't say that! Blame the dark side!