Saturday, June 2, 2007

Judgement Letter from Summer Dawn O'Ciardha

Last-Gladiator Standing Contestants,

I have enjoyed being your judge. I hope that you didn’t find me too terribly annoying or witchy. I have read all of your posts and have decided who has won this competition.

I need to point out several things, the first, when I said “I didn’t Notice any mistakes.” This meant that I enjoyed your post enough to miss them. I was looking, but if it was amusing then I was wanting to know what would happen next.

The next is; I am judging you on completing the competition, instead of what amused me most. What would be most entertaining to the Queen?

Godfrey Zebulon, at first when I read your post, I was disappointed. It was not entertaining to me. More importantly it would not be entertaining to the Queen of the Galaxy. Perhaps this was easiest for you to write, but you should have thought what a Queen of the Galaxy would enjoy.

Nathan Petrelli, I enjoy how you played to what I would possibly like. Deducing the fact that I am a goth, and then you assumed I had seen Rocky Horror. Good call,because I have, and I enjoyed it. It is a cult classic. Did you play to the Queen, not your judge? I don’t think as much as you could have.

Dark Jedi Kriss, congratulations on posting the fake-ventriloquist-real-person show first. Apparently several other contestants wanted to use it. I seem to remember reading several of these themes on Master Yoda’s Blog. As I was reading it, I was thinking so far, that this was the most what a Queen would be entertained with.

Professor Xavier, may I open with, what possessed you to think that a speech would be the most entertaining thing for a Queen to hear? She would have to make a thousand of them, then at the same time, she would have to hear a thousand of them. Terrible call. Likewise, I also know that your post wasn’t based around that, it was based around the slapstick at the end of it with the chair and Petrelli. I don’t know, Professor.

Synth Lin, What in the world possessed you to use Napoleon Dynamite? To entertain the Queen of the Galaxy. You chose him. A modern cult classic was lost on me. But I imagine you are a young author as well, and that would be gold to you. But this isn’t about what I enjoy, its about what a Queen would enjoy, and would the Queen enjoy a dance? I don’t know. Maybe a classical ballet, maybe the lower-form of dancing used by the movie would have worked. As an upside, I do enjoy your pictures.

Noah Bennet, sad times are these. Your fake-ventriloquist-real-person show came too late. I do like the ingenuity you used to make up for it at the end with a stand-up comedy routine. You ripped into the other team. Why did you spare your team? Why did you spare yourself? From what I gathered your character is in politics, how well does mudslinging actually work? As far as the Queen is concerned, would she have enjoyed the puppet show? No. It’s already been done. As for the standup routine. She probably would have enjoyed that.

Henchman 432, big muscular guys, sweeping the Queen away, led by a minion of some megalomaniac would be a frightening experience. Personal body-guards would have shot you all. As for pampering her, I would have liked what you dished out for her, but as I mentioned in my comment, would she have enjoyed it? She’s the Queen of the Galaxy, she would have the best services available to pamper her, and she could simply order a day off to do such a thing.

If it was up to me, I would chose someone completely different for the winner. I will even name this person after I announce the winner, so there is no confusion. However, I am judging who would have entertained the Queen of the Galaxy most.

Those who were the ones I felt would have done such a job were, Henchman 432, Dark Jedi Kriss, and Mr. Noah Bennet.

As for the winner of these three, Mr. Noah Bennet; you have won this competition, reap the benefits of your hard work, and be sure to use the temporary immunity to its fullest. May I suggest spending a night in the graveyard?

I also want to thank you for allowing me to be a judge, and I hope I wasn’t too harsh. I didn’t want to be as light-hearted as your judge Erifia, nor did I want to be as insulting as Simon. I wanted to be informative, and impartial.

Thank you again, competitors and Jon,

Summer Dawn O’Ciardha.

Ps. The ones who I enjoyed the most were Dark Jedi Kriss, Mr. Bennet (Stand-up part of his post), and Nathan Petrelli, and if I was judging for myself, Petrelli would have won.

Pss. Please visit my blog, I love vistors, “The O'Ciardha Clan”.


Noah Bennet said...

I didn't want to the the ventriloquist act! I had no choice. Synthoids can be very frightening.

I'm actually a former paper salesman, not a politician. The pay is better and there's more murder involved.

But I am a team player, first and foremost...unless you go after my daughter. So, other than calling the dummy fat, I didn't have anything negative to say about my team.

Thanks for judging. I appreciate the difference in style.

Noah Bennet said...

Oh, and woo hoo!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Summer, you have seen Rocky Horror, but have you seen its sequel? I think that I am one of 18 people who have seen it.

And great judging, thanks for doing it.

Ghost of Congressman Nathan Petrelli said...

Bennet a politician... ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...

Don't even think about it...

Professor Xavier said...

Congratulations, Noah.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...


Synth-Lin said...

I only used Napoleon cause the song is used in Center Stage as well.

Oh well at least we won.


Love you all


Vince Briefs said...

Synthoids are scary Noah? Since when? Just rewire her into a microwave , at least then she'd have some practical use.

Professor Xavier said...

Oh I'm sure Koma can come up with a good use for her.

Noah Bennet said...

...if I was judging for myself, Petrelli would have won.

I guess you should have judged.

Vince Briefs said...

And he went back to real women pretty fast. As I said before she has no practical use!

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