Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stranger and stranger

After a team meeting which I could only guess that most of us except for Professor Xavier and myself were out for revenge( DJK qualifies for the revenge corner) , we had gotten pretty much no where. Not to mention when I had tried to call Pho to check up on things, communications went down around the island for a half hour. I was getting ticked off and fast.

When communications came back up the list of items scrolled across my com unit screen. I saw the two I would go for, even though I didn't pick them myself. A scale from a sea serpent and a Colonial Marine’s helmet. There was a black hover cycle with a red dragon wrapping around the sides.. Well this day was getting slightly better now wasn't it?

Grabbing that one I headed for the coast. I could hear the roar of the ocean waves as I peered down over the cliff towards the sea. I sat there for a moment looking, searching both visually and in the force as well for my target.

I was nearly knocked off the bike when she came shooting up past me.. I'll just call her Andromeda for now . Simple reason being this whole challenge reminded me of the story of Peruses and Andromeda.. Her scales were about the same color as the stones that littered the ocean floor near the shoreline.

The teeth.. well yeesh the teeth were like swords just waiting to come out and rip you to pieces. I would have to be careful.
Her eyes were fixed on me and her head shot straight for the cycle forcing me to dive straight down into the waves. The remains of the cycle rained down on me as I tried to gain some distance from the shoreline.
Fast as a wraith Andromeda was after me and had dipped below into the waves, swimming downward. Another quick slide saved me from being sea serpent chow. But unfortunately she had kicked up a lot of sand and dust in her wake. I got blindsided and remained hovering in the water for a few minutes, rebreather in my mouth peering in the dark for any sign of her. She had simply vanished.

Was I dealing with another creature brought back from the dead? My guess was as good as anyone else's at this point.

Water pounding in my ears I heard the force scream for me to turn . I did at the last moment, Andromeda swimming by me knocking a panel from the cycle up into my arm like a shield. Well, it was worth a shot.

I surfaced and whistled shrilly to get Andromeda's attention . Her head turned and suddenly became fixated on her own reflection. For what seemed like hours I hovered there watching as she preened herself, scales flying everywhere. Each were about the size of a stone tablet, so hauling one back would be well, difficult without the cycle. But then on the shore I heard the sound of mechanical gears. Lasers opened fire on Andromeda and she roared in pain as one hit her neck.

Swimming past her I gestured for whoever it was to stop shooting. thankfully they listened and after giving what force energy I was able to her, Andromeda disappeared into the depths. I climbed out of the water, dripping to the bone to witness something I have to say I have never seen before..
A young man about my age came towards me with a military like look on his face. " I'm Colonel Karl Lichen Shubaltz. If you don't mind me asking, were you trying to get yourself killed?"He was near to yelling.

I could only laugh for several minutes" No just trying to retrieve a scale from a sea serpent"

" A sea serpent? But I thought for sure that was another one of Prozen's tricks.. Blast my brother must've mixed up the calibrations in the Kong again" He looked highly ticked off at that thought.

An idea came to mind" Tell you what, I'll help where I can to fix up your targeting system, you give me a lift back to the mainland with the scale?"
Karl nodded and I set to work. It was only a simple matter of crossing the turbine mechanical thrusters with the organoid's databank and then uploading all the data.. As I was working Karl seemed intent on asking me questions while I managed to get a coffee out of the deal. I was freezing cold.
" So your a Jedi knight?"
" Yes from a planet called Corellia"
" And your grandfather.. he trained you in martial arts? What sort? Standard military issue is judo and jujitsu"
" Shotokan , not as easy as it looks. I've been training since I was a youngling"
" I saw that other woman with the same kind of weapon you have" he said pointing to the saber at my hip, which thankfully hadn't gotten fried in the water." is she a friend of yours?"
" Of course, DarkJediKriss and I have known each other for a while"
Here he blushed" oh is she your.. um.. girlfriend? or wife?"
Excuse me while I sit my coffee down so I don't laugh myself silly












" No.. she's not.. But I am married though. One of the most wonderful women a man could ever hope to have. her name is Phobia Deimos. She's a Jedi knight like me."

A perplexed look crossed Karl's face" But I thought Jedi weren’t allowed to be married"

Oh boy here we go," It's complicated.. I'll tell you about it on the way back okay?"
On our way back to the mainland I explained to Karl what was going on about the council not knowing about our marriage and everything else. He nodded a grave look on his face" Well Godfrey, I have to say you remind me of Thomas a bit"
This had me curious" how so?"
He smiled back at me from where I was trying not to freeze while watching the scenery. The heating system was on the fritz in this zoid, as he called it. It looked likea monkey with guns. Apparently there were several diffrent types of these zoids, each a diffrent animal.

" You both love to help people, and your heart lies with the woman you love. In my brother's case an ancient Zoidian named Fiona."
The Iron Kong stopped just short of the meeting place at the barracks. " Before you leave, I have something for you"
He tossed me his army helmet from somewhere under the control panel . " You said you needed a Colonial Marine’s army helmet? Well I think this fits the bill"
I couldn't help but grin" Thanks Karl!" This ended my search sooner than I expected
He waved as he and the Kong disappeared to where, I have no clue.
Now if you'll excuse me, I think some dry clothes and a nap are in order
Until Later


padawanbeldapinik said...

wow Master Godfrey! *sighs*

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Sorry you just ani my type...

We ALL know what is tho!


Godfrey Zebulon said...

And this is only the second challange Belda

DJK, I'll say this much, I about choked on my coffee.. I was seeing the look Anakin would've had..

After all this nutiness so far I wish she coudl've been here to see it but I know she has other affiars to attend to at the temple.. I just hope she and Anakin don't kill each other before this is over * snort*

Phobia said...

Awwe! *tacklehuggles * i miss you too sweetheart, just come home in one piece.. or I may just have to come find you* giggles*

And you know I would, but I know plenty well and good you can handle yourself just fine. But stay safe for me please? * tacklesmooch*

Kon-El said...

i Want a giant robot Gorilla!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I didn't know you two were married. I would have gotten you a gift. I've can get a great deal from the owner of Cuisinarts R Us.

Erifia Apoc said...

No MTG Cards this time Kiddos...

Way to go Godfrey. MUCH Easier to follow. My lekkus wiggle in delight. Congratulations. I also like allusions. They make me smile.

Professor Xavier said...

You're married? Sucker.

No, no . . I mean, congratulations.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Kon-El: Well I'll have to see If there's a spare Iron Kong around.. Though I should count myself grateful Anakin wasn't around, he'd want to tear the thing apart.

Jon: *grins* thanks

Erifia: As they say pratice makes perfect,I'm glad there's one more smile in the day.

Professor Xavier: Thanks...I know people might have a diffrent opinion on marriage but i 'm very lucky, and I wouldn't trade it for a thing.

Nathan Petrelli said...

You took on two tasks, I give you kudos for your stamina. One task nearly did me in this week.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Thanks Nathan, stamina comes with the territory

Simon said...

The problem with your post, and I mean this sincerly, is that it is far too goody-goody. This is a contest for gladiators. Fierce warriors who are willing to get bloody in the arena. You'd be better off on the Waltons or something like that.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Things are just getting started, things and people aren't always as they appear.. just wait * smiles *