Sunday, April 22, 2007

The 1st challange

So the first challange has been cast. Fly up, swing through an obsticle course and touch back down. Easy right? Not likely. I ended up with one dropship on the tail end of the row. The second I was strapped in I knew I was in trouble.

The pilot had short red hair and glasses.. He was sitting there arms folded humming the " ghostbusters theme" I'm not even gonna go there.

" Aren't you going to start this thing up?" I asked anxiously watching the other dropships take off.

" uh.. it's the red button right?" he asks me reaching for the bloody self destruct button! " No it's not the damned red button! haven't you ever flown one of these before?"
He looks back at me blankly" They only let me near the holo simulator"

By the force this guy is dense!.. I'm sitting there pratically grinding my teeth together." what.. what was your score?"

" 50 losses, 1 win.. and that was a takeoff"

I was completly and totally screwed if I didn't think of something fast. Then an idea occured to me..

I forced myself to relax , even though I was anything but calm , and I used the force to pull my spirit from my body. I took over the pilot's body with relitive ease. i was standing next to the guy in this empty room. I could see out of the pilot's eyes and I could move as him.

" what.. what did you do?" he asked, looking like he was about ready to wet himself.

" Take it easy, time for a flying lesson, watch carefully"

I gunned the dropship and we hurtled into space. Fingers flying over the buttons I slowed the dropship on the landing ramp at what I was guessing was deck 2.. Great 10 levels to go.. I left the pilot's body and returned to mine. " Think you'll be okay?" I asked, jumping out.

" Yeah sure thanks mister!"

This place was stairs upon stairs I swear.. So.. I opted for the easier approach. When I came to a flight of stairs I simply jumped from level to level using the force to slow my descent enough so my brain wasn't turned into a spalttered egg.

I was on deck 11 whenever a man entirely white and ghostieish stopped me" Answer these three riddles and you shall pass"

Okay I was up for a challange..

A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid

I couldn't believe the simplicity.. " The answer is an egg"

He nodded" Correct, your second riddle:Take one out and scratch my head,I am now black but once was red"
I shook my head" Easy, a match"

He blinked as though he could not believe i had gotten that one right. Well he was in a diffrent ballgame from where ever he came from " Correct, your last riddle Young Jedi..: There once was a green house. Inside this green house, there was a white house. Inside this white house was a red house... and inside this red house were lots of babies. What was this house?"

Now I had to admit this one had me stumped for a minute.. I saw some of the others run past me. I reached into the force for the answer.. I couldn't wait around all day " The answer is a watermelon"

The ghost man dissapeared. I took off running .

I didn't notice if I passed anyone on my way down. I was only concerned with getting to my pod before the others.

The pod layout was just about the same as my fighter with a few crucial diffrences one being the thing had a joystick steering rod instead of a yoke steering system.. I rocketed into space, slamming against the seat as I steered the ship towards the first of the six buoys. this was easier than running the Iserian Trench.. And that was on foot.

I was briefly reminded of a horse show as I pulled a double loop around the last buoy and shot for the moon, about three others almost up my tailpipe.

I went low, almost right onto the moon itself and calling on the force I drew it like a cloak around my fighter, dissapearing from sight. An old proverb from grandfather came to mind just then" When the tiger does not see it's prey, the hunter becomes the hunted"in essance the tiger doesn't see the meat, the tiger get's lax.

The only thing that gave a clue as to where I was , was a slight trail of dust kicking up behind my fighter. I saw a shadow drop almost on top of me. I had a hunch as to who it was but I kept gunning it. Whoever it was was mirroring my movements twist for twist and loop for loop. The asterroid field was next.. oh this would be fun.

I pulled straight up as an asteroid about the size of a soccer ball came hurtling for my pod. I just narrowly missed the second.. These things were too slow! A double corkscrew took me about halfway through the field before some of the asteroids started bouncing off the hull. There had to be a way to get this thing going faster!. I placed a hand on the control panel and searched deeply in the force. There!

I reached just behind my left knee and found the red and the black wires and twisted them sharply. A burst of speed was added onto the clanking machiene and I held on for fear of getting my teeth rattled in my head.

A sharp 180 aimed me right for Hacknor. Using the force I pushed the pod for all it was worth, ripping two of the shields off in the process.
Alarms started going off as I saw the landing pad in sight.Sucking in a deep breath and sending a prayer to the force I started messing around with the wires, hoping one would being up the extra renetry shield. Just as I thought for sure the pod with me in it was about to go up in a ball of flames, my fingers closed on the last wire and yanked, hard.

The shield sprang up and I skidded into the landing pad, the pod spinning like a top. When it finally cmae to a stop I got out, staggering.. " Anyone got an asprin? and a stiff drink" god my head was killing me!

Until Later:(much much later I hope)


Erifia Apoc said...

Hmmm... Interesting. I like the part about you mindslaving the remedial pilot. Interesting way to go about a rough situation for sure.

As for riddle spouting ghosts, I would have simply killed him. I've heard second death is a lot more painful then first.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Clever thinking, Godfery.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

Thanks. If I crash i'd like to be the one at the controls so I have no one to blame but myself for any mistakes.

Ghosts.. I could've killed him but answering the riddles was easier, and plus I wanted to shut him up, my way.

Thanks DJK

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Hopefully, when you took over the pilot's body you also took over control of his bladder functions so he wouldn't pee all over himself.

Gyrobo said...

That's some fine negotiating. You should work for the U.N.

Godfrey Zebulon said...

lol Jon it's like a puppet on strings.. any nervousness or anything else for that matter, temporarily frozen..

When you get heavy training in planetary diplomatics .. it comes naturally

Simon said...

Interesting use of punctuation. I don't mean to be rude but English isn't your first language, is it?