Monday, April 30, 2007

Funtastic scavenger hunt!

OK so I got paired up with Gyrobo. Well I can do this. " Bob Dole is the master of evil!" He shouts. OK maybe not. I decided to get the Helmet from a marine. And Private Hudson is right here.

I just needed a plan. The robot apparently having a lucid moment asks. "Isn't this lazy? I mean we're not really going anywhere."

" You have noticed my costume is a t-shirt and jeans right?" I grin. " Actually we do have to go somewhere, though I need to pick up someone on another planet for this to work.

After we went there, and came back, I built a tent and waited for Hudson to walk by. I used some Mega phone attachment On Gyrobo. " Come one! Come all to the make out with hot chicks tent!"

Yeah that got Hudson's attention. he kinda leaped over to us. " What's the catch""

I couldn't talk for a moment because the robot freaked out and started slapping me shouting "bees! bees! bees!"

I throw him off of me. " Stop hitting me! That wasn't a bee! it was firefly! "

The cold metal eyes focus on me. " Well fireflies are responsible for over one death a year. "

" OK then... moving along. Any way Hudson for ten dollars you can make out with and maybe more with the hot babe inside this tent!"

" Is it Wonder woman ?" He asks drooling.

" Nah. Man it's the girl you been askin' me about since I got here, Supergirl." I grin.

" Bring her on! " Hudson yells.Taking off his helmet to brush his hair.

" Ya know dude you should let me hold your helmet while ya go in there." I'm still smiling.

" Sure thing Kon! You know I was wrong about you!" He says giving me two five dollar bills, and his helmet and he runs into the tent.

As I give one to Gyrobo I hear Hudson scream. "What is this thing?"

" Oops did I say Supergirl? " I couldn't help but start laughing. " I meant Bizzaro Supergirl!" What? did you think I'd really pimp out my cousin?

" You am not hot man!" BBSG Shouts. " Me no want to hug you!"

"I'm glad of that !" Hudson sighs not realizing bizzaros say the opposite of what they mean. She grabs on to him , and hugs. " Arrgh!"

As we walk away we hear. " Me no want to kiss you no give you tongue!"

Then Hudson hollering "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

" Hey. Gyrobo Thanks for negotiating with her back on Bizzaro World. I'm not all that good at Bizzaro speak."

" I knew how to speak Bizzaro long before you were a gleam in a test tube's eye!"

" I have no idea what to say to that. " I laugh. " Anyway I got the marine's helmet, what do you want to get? And how can I help you? "


Private Hudson said...

Oh well, 10 bucks is 10 bucks I guess.

*Shrugs and puckers up*

Gyrobo said...


Henchman432 said...

Where is that dog?

Gyrobo said...

Your super powers will come in handy at the old folk's home.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

"Your super powers will come in handy at the old folk's home."

No commnet there, I could but I won't! LOL!

Erifia Apoc said...

You don't get an MTG card. I don't like you. *wink*

Bonus points for working with Gyrobo. I laughed. And he is pretty good at Bizarro speak, isn't he?

Great post. (See I'm not always mean.)

Professor Xavier said...

Pretty clever doing the old bait and switch thing.

Simon said...

I'm guessing the Bizzaro-lass is your prom date, Konny?

Kon-El said...

Private Hudson: Notr like you have a chnce at much else....

Gyrobo Calm down!

Hechny :dunno

Gyrobo and when is that?

DJK: What yeah i know, What have I gotten myself into?

Erifia : thanks!

prof: you know it!

Simon: Sigh. No ever hear of Wonder Girl? That's my prom date! Bewsides you obviusly have soome kindaa crush on Robin since yur like wearing his clothes.