Saturday, April 28, 2007

Judgment #1

Hello everyone. Your Judgment has arrived. These harsh words, or not harsh words however you take it, are not meant to be mean. I am not Simon. I am trying to help you, not make you cry.

Simon made me cry a few times. He’s a bad man.

So here’s what I am doing. I am judging everyone on Quality.

This means – Did you throw your post together? Does it seem to be well written? Did you misspell the words? Are the mechanics in order?

I am judging on Originality.

This means – Did you jack the idea from something? Or if you did jack the idea did you use an exact copy, or did you mix it up?

I am judging on Entertainment.

This means – Was it amusing? Was it cool? Was it gripping? Did it make me want to have someone else read it? Did it make me laugh.

I am judging on two other catagories, both of which can get points minused from your score.

This means – Post on time. Don’t post pictures that take up the whole screen. (I do like pictures just not ones that don’t fit on my 748x1024 screen.) Don’t make me need a coffee to get through your posts. (I hate coffee)


Now for the individual judging… In order of posts.

Godfrey Zebulon – Hello. It was interesting to read your post. I had a little bit of a hard time following it. It was a little erratic. I liked it, I honestly did. It was amusing. You misspelled the word Challenge in the title.
(MTG Card – Mindslaver) – Take control of someone’s mind.

Dark Jedi Kriss – I loved it. It amused me. You misspelled the word Challenge in the title… I’m sorry… Keep up the good work.
(MTG Card – Hull Breach) – Love the quote.

Henchman – It was short dude. It seemed like you didn’t really want to write it.
(MTG Card – Flowstone Thropter) – Seemed appropriate for Brak.

Gyrobo – What can I say? The great Gyrobo graces us again with his weird-en-ing presence. I loved the post. It was good. I didn’t follow the pictures.
(MTG Card – Homarid Warrior) – I loved Great Crawdad of Baghdad.

Synth-Lin – What can I say. I laughed. I thought it was very funny. Nice use of pictures. Not difficult to follow. Nice use of flattery.
(MTG Card – Bribery) – No better way to win a judge’s heart.

Mr. Petrelli – It was to the point. I liked it. Well written, easy to follow.
(MTG Card – Mountain Yeti) – Yeti is not a Wookie.

Kon-El – Nice post. Little hard to follow. Nice use of nudity at the end.
(MTG Card – Old Fogey) – Old people…

Mr. Bennet – Did you finish your series of posts? I liked what you had, it was well written and amusing, but it was sort of long.
(MTG Card – Stupor) – What our president is when he made the new education laws.

Svetlana – Interesting way to go about things. I liked your humor. It was very, very long. Constructive criticism, think about who you are writing to. Bloggers who grow up on video games and TV. Shorter, but with the same quality and humor.
(MTG Card – Ach Hans Run!) – Cool card. Thought of it when you said you were running.

Blockade Boy – Hey baby, how you doing? I liked it. I think I am a generation or two younger then you sweet-heart. I didn’t pick up on the refernces. The post was well written and I loved the old comic pictures.
(MTG Card – Vedalkan Shackles) – I like the ability better then the card labeled Shackles.

Professor X – Hey, good to see you again Prof. It was well written and amusing as always Professor.
(MTG Card – Final Fortune) – Whenever you are desperate it helps out.

Lt. Cmdr. Oneida – Welcome to LGS. Good to see you here. As always, I like your quality and your humor. But cutting in line is wrong.
(MTG Card – Chaos Moon) – I couldn’t find a coffee or espresso card, so I chose another keyword.

And the winner is, after a close race between four of the contestants.

It was close. Like on my scoring system they were very close…

I mean, really close…

I mean…

Synth-Lin, Congrats on Immunity for your team…

For those of you new to this. Synth-Lin’s Team. (Team 1, as of now) Get immunity, that means all of the people on Team 2 (Not Synth-Lin’s Team) vote for the member they want to get rid of. To vote, they send who they want gone to Jonny, and Jonny takes care of it.

Good luck with votes Team 2.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some serious… Things I need to be doing.

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc.

PS. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. I actually do care about your feelings.


Godfrey Zebulon said...

*grins* thanks, this was my first post for a team blog.. that and it was easier a bit to type in the way and form as events are happening . Like instead of just reading a "story" you see it as it's happening through the post.. okay if I 'm making no sense please shut me up, but thank you. I'll watch that in the future. ^_^

Mr. Bennet said...

Well, reading other contest blogs, I ended my story heading back to the finish line, as I thought you would "show" the winner coming in first, rather than just say "You win!"

I guess that made my post ending uncertain.

But who cares? We won! Woo! Go Teacups! That's our team name, right?

Mr. Bennet said...

Oh, and suggestion:

Instead of having one winner, perhaps you could judge everyone however it is you do, come up with a rating, then add or average them up to get a team score, and declare a team victory. I suppose a downside would be if one team has fairly consistent high-scorers, it would always win.

Also, challenges incorporating a team effort would be cool, at least a couple. Perhaps like a relay mission, when the teams are even. Maybe these are easier to do when the teams are a bit smaller.

I'm thinking too much for a contestant.

Synth-Lin said...

Oh well I am flattered. I really am. This is just so amazing. I'd like to thank my writer, my costume designer, God. Oh and Jon thank you for the opportunity.

This is so unexpected.

Oh dear.

I think I need a lie down.

Love you all.


Professor Xavier said...

Teacups? I'll second that for the other team's name.

Erifia Apoc said...

I don't know Mr. Bennet. I am countinueing how Simon judged us last Year, telling us the winner, and then saying that the team won because of this person. Notice how it was all individual races, and you weren't racing as a team?

Good idea, but I find I err on the side of Tradition.