Saturday, April 21, 2007

A favor given , a favor earned

I got a call on my com unit.. It was from my grandfather on Corellia

" Godfrey.. I need you to do me a small favor.. I owe the people from Intergalatic Gladiator Entertainment a favor.. You heard about the new show Last Gladiator standing 2 haven't you?"

" Yeah I mean who hasn't? .. Everyone is talking about it.. "

" well.. the people from IGE want me to participate, you know I'm getting up in years.. Would you go in my place? You'd have a much better chance to win anyway.. An old man like me would be knocked out after a round or 2"

Well this was a suprise.. " When would I have to leave grandfather?" I couldn't say no to him.. I owed him so much..

" In an hour.. There is a transport waiting to fly you onto Hacknor and from there another to fly you onto Fire island D ."

" Allright I'll go.. Just make sure Phobia stays out of trouble okay? And you owe me, big time"

I could pratically hear him laughing" That's my boy!.. and of course I'll keep an eye on her"
The com went dead and I headed back to my rooms to pack.. It was going to be a long day.

About an hour or 2 later I was on my second transport to Fire Island D.. Snatches of my hurried conversation with Phobia crossed my mind..

" Are you nuts? You can't go! not now!.. Things are getting way too dangerous here! "

" I have to.. it's for grandfather.. and besides.. I'll be back before you know it.. Don't worry" I told her seeing the utterly paniced look on her face" I'll be fine.. after this.. we'll go to Alderann.. If my grandfather can cash in favors, so can I.. "

A quick hug and kiss and I was gone.. I only hoped she would be okay while this was going on...

The transport shuddered and skidded to a halt. I grabbed my bag and climbed out.. Fire Island D.. It reminded me something of an old movie I had seen called the Iron Monkey.. seemingly blank, but every place holds it's secrets..

My gaze wandered around some of the other Islands I could see from where I stood.. Smoke rose in the distance reminding me of one of the planets grandfather and I had traveled to for training.. if memory serves it was called Mustafar..

I saw a few others waiting there allready.. At least I wasn't the first one.. I heard a rumor that DJK was going to be in on this too.. At least there was a familiar face..I guess now I just send a fast message to Pho to let her know I'm here allright.. then shut my com off and.. wait..

They always said that meditation was good for a Jedi.. well In the longrun I guess it was.. I just wanted ohis contest to get started..

Until Later


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Welcome. And I'm not an expert on space and time or anything, but from what I understand, when you go back to your time and galaxy, it'll be like you never left. I think. Maybe. Possibly... Perhaps...

Synth-Lin said...

Well yes thats how a time paradox works. You leave and arrive at the same point in time. Its like nothing happened. But it did.

Well I know it did cause I went back in time and stole Paris Hilton's Mobile Phone and then sold its number for 1 million dollars.

Its true.

Stop looking at me like that.

Its true.

I'm going to sulk.


Gyrobo said...

Mobile phones are killing bees.

Mr. Bennet said...

Wow, a real Jedi!

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Someone I know! *waves*

Godfrey Zebulon said...

*waves to DJK* Beleive me I've messed with time space portals enough.. I somehow doubt it will be the excact same time.. but I'd rather Pho not worry about me if I can help it*chuckles*I'll sit and figure this out when I get the chance..