Monday, April 30, 2007

Poke My What??

“Alright then, that’s two votes for Pimps and Players and three votes for Evil Eye Candy,” I told our assembled team. “If there are no objections, it looks like we are Evil Eye Candy.”

The others nodded in agreement. That satisfied, I moved on to the next important topic. “So where shall we have lunch today? Does anyone want to try the Gladiator’s Grub Bag? Or maybe-“

“What about voting for team leader?” Svetlana asked. “Shouldn’t we settle that first?”

Seeing Petrelli’s eyes light up, I answered cooly, “I don’t think that’s really necessary. We seem to be functioning well at the moment. Let’s go the Grub Bag and continue-“

Before I could finish, a small hovering robot swooped in from the open window and floated above our table. A holographic image of Jon, the Intergalactic Gladiator appeared beneath it. He read us the second challenge. Then he announced that our team name was Pokemybootie.

"Poke my what?" asked Zebulon incrediously.

"I think that's illegal in some states," I said.

"It's really not that bad," Petrelli chipped in. "In fact, in can be pretty fun."

"Whatever," said Kriss. "Let's just get on with this."

“Well, the scavenger hunt sounds like fun,” Svetlana said. The Dark Jedi just rolled her eyes at her.

“I’m taking the Banana Pen,” Kriss announced.

“I can do the Scale and the Helmet, if no one wants them,” offered Zebulon.

Svetlana was next at the table. “The Guest Pass I could probably do.”

That left only Petrelli and myself. We stared at each other for a long minute. “I’m doing the Memorabilia,” he stated. I just nodded.

“That leaves the False Teeth for me. Time is of the essence. I’ll see you all back at the finish line.”

“Um, what about lunch?” Svetlana asked.

“Something to look forward to when you finish,” I told her. “Let’s go team!”


Godfrey Zebulon said...

*rolls eyes* Next time we need a team name definitly some drinks before a decision.. Call it a hunch but that might bring some suggestions

Dark Jedi Kriss said...
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Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Poke your what?


Nathan Petrelli said...

I'm glad you posted the min. here. i was a little distracted during the meeting.

Simon said...

Evil Eye Candy? Pathetic. You should thank Jon for letting you dodge that bullet.