Sunday, April 29, 2007

meetin' at the hot tub.

Ok I called ya all here today To discuss the team name The two suggestions so far... Leave a little to be desired.

" Hey! " Synth Lin Shouts in her way to hot to be a robot bikini. " What's wrong with Henchy and the Pussy Cats?"

" Nothing. If your Henchy. " I say. " Oh and good work on getting or team immunity big hand for her everyone!" Everyone but the paper selling guy went with my suggestion there. " Oh and good work on hitting Hudson That guy kept askin' me for Supergirl's number. "

Henchy glared at me " Who made you the leader kid?"

" No one. " I admit. " Just sayin' we need a team name and My hot tub is convenient place to meet is all if you want to lead go for it Henchy."

" Nah. I'm a second in command guy. "

" OK how about a team name ? "

" I like masters of destruction. Or Devastators."

"The Filibusters!" Gyrobo manically yells. " One time I traveled in time, and met Roosevelt and he would...."

" OK then." I state.

" You have to be aggressive to be the best paper salesman at Primatch paper." Bennet announces. I have to say he's the first person I've ever seen wear a suit in a hot tub." And to win at this we have to be aggressive how about the Aggressors? Or the Winners? "

" Good suggestions. " I tell him.

How about The Troopers?" Lt.Cmdr Oneida suggests. She's pretty cute too.

" That's good." I smile.

" What do you want kid?" Henchman asks.

" Hmmm Titans?"

" No! " Henchman snorts

" Ok How about The New Justice Team?"

" You got that from an episode of Futarama. No."

I racked my brains here. Then I got it? Maybe. "The All Stars?"

" Hmmm I could live with it." Henchman shrugs.

" OK how about we all vote for it? And anymore names anyone wants to give?"


Mr. Bennet said...

The suit's waterproof. A good paper salesman always looks his best!

My suggestion is Teacups. Nobody ever expects anything from a fragile little teacup...but the second you turn around, they strike! And you're left with a scar from the scalding tea reminding you never to underestimate petite ceramic vessels again.

Other suggestions:

The Suits?

Flamboyant Bahamian Beavers?

Radical Wheat Monkeys?

Telepaths Suck?

Synth-Lin said...

All Stars sounds fine to me but I still like Henchy and the Pussy Cats. I have the costume to match.

Henchman432 said...

I could do Henchy and the pussycats or the All Winner Squad.

Mr. Bennet said...

The Telepathy is Overrated Club!

Nathan Petrelli said...

"I have to say he's the first person I've ever seen wear a suit in a hot tub."

I'm not surprised by this piece of information.