Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pink Pods

Koma said that there would be people here I knew of and he was right. Henchy, Professor Xavier, Gyrobo and Kon-el. Of course there were others there and I tried to get to know a few of them. I wore my "Hi, My names Lin" badge. It really worked well.
People know who I am because of it.

So Jon gets us all together and introduces us to Erifia. She's a very pretty alien, but she's quite negative. She needs to brighten up. Maybe if her skin wasn't blue she'd be happier.

I was going to ask her if she'd ever thought of that but Jon started the first challenge. Drop ships which will take us up to the Satellite. Shouldn't they be called rise ships then? Cause we can't drop any further. Unless we are going to dig through the planet to get to the satellite. Of course I didn't have anytime to ask that question either. Make a note to make a list of questions. I think I'm going to have a whole lot of them. Well after that there's pods that we have to race through and asteriod belt and back to Hacknor and Fire Island D. Why call it Fire Island D? See another question. Oh dear.
These questions had to wait cause everyone started racing to the poorly named "Drop" ships. I got aboard mine and it took off like a rocket into the sky. I was hurled into the back of the 'drop' ship crashing into the various cases and stuff.
"Sorry." apologised the pilot.
I got myself out of the rear of the ship and made my way to the cockpit. Now thats a funny word cockpit. Wasn't it mentioned in an NERD song, he called his apartment the cockpit. Then something something drop quick, there's fly mentioned after that but I forget.

I get into the co-pilot seat.
"Sorry about that. I've always taken off too soon." he apologised. "My names Dan."
"In this situation thats a good thing Dan." I told him.
"And your name is...?" he asked back. I pointed to my badge.
"Oh Lin. The badge is a nice touch." He was more than a bit nervous and I learned that was because he was still learning to fly. A successful completion of this flight would get him out of the remedial class that he and the other pilots were in.
This was my first trip into space. I was captured by the brightness of the stars and the deep black velvet of the void. Then I saw the station it floated in orbit like a castle in the sky. It looked so pretty. We got closer and closer and closer and....
"Dan aren't you going to slow down a bit?" I asked.
"Oh yeah slow down thats it. Thanks for reminding me Lin." said a relieved Dan. He slowed the drop ship down and we floated in to land. Dan then told me that he always forgot to slow down. It was really nice to have helped Dan out but I had to get to deck 12.

There are 1102 decks in the station and the landing bays are on deck 1032. Don't the Hacknorians understand modular design. If you have all the spacecraft in one area it makes things oh so easier. There were lifts and I found out they only went of as far as 100 decks at a time. So I had to change from one elevator to another nine times.
Nine different elevators and each one was packed with Marines. I got hit on by every guy (and a few girls) who thought I was available. At first it was kind of cute and I felt kinda special. However after being asked "If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me." for the 26th time I lost it. It was on the 7th lift between decks 645 and 612 when this guy called Hudson asked it. I launched that Marine out of the elevator on deck 608.

Finally I made it to deck 12. And you wouldn't believe what was waiting for me. A pod had been customised just for me. It was so cute being pink and all. There was an instructor who told me it was just like riding a sky-sled. I'd never ridden a sky sled before but I didn't tell him that. I already knew how to fly the pod. While getting hit on by every over sexed Marine on the station I was in direct communication with the stations central computer. Oh your wondering how I can do that. Well I'm not real. Yes, you all know I'm a fictional character. As well as that I'm a synthetic humanoid or synthoid for short. I can do a lot of non-human things. One of them is being able to interact and control most electronic devices. I'm also really strong and I have a few weapons I can use but we'll get to them later.

So flying the pod was great I loved every minute of it. I'd watched Koma play video games and his delight at performing some complicated maneuvre but never understood it. Now that I was flying the real thing I want to fly again. There isn't much more exhilarating than flying at top speed through asteriods. Then there was the rush of re-entry. When I got out of my pod I begged to be able to do it again. No such luck. I'm keeping the pod though there is no way I'm letting go of it. It has my name on it who else is going to want a pink pod with Lin on the side of it. Answer no one.

Well that was my first challenge. Gee I hope they're all this much fun.

Love you all.



Erifia Apoc said...

Bribery will get you everywhere. I am however infuriated that you assume just because I am indigo it is what makes me sad.

As for the competition, did you ever try wearing more clothes? Or less. Usually more they don't notice you, and less they are too dumbfounded to say anything.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I think Private Hudson volunteered to personalize your ship there. Maybe you should return the favor and take him out on a date. Wouldn't that be fun?

Professor Xavier said...

Wow, a personalized pod. How cool. They made an effort to capture your persona. They didn't do that for me. Mine was just a broken down old rust bucket . . hey!

Nathan Petrelli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nathan Petrelli said...

I'm having technical difficulties today...

I can understand the tedious way people are always hitting on you. It happens to me constantly. It is the curse of being abnormally good looking.

Henchman432 said...

Good Job, Lin.

Gyrobo said...

I wonder if the deck numbering holds some kind of numerological secret...

Nope. Definitely not.

Simon said...

Sorry to see you here, Lin. I was hoping Paula was the only vapid dingbat I was going to have to put up with this season.

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